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20818 Jansky Road East - Graham, WA 98338.
Tel: 360.893.3440
Welcome to Operation PaintBall!

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What is Paintball?
In less than 20 years, the sport of Paintball has become recognized as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and life-styles. Paintball is not just a man's sport. Women can, and do, play equally well.
You must be 10 years or older to play. Whether homemakers or high school students, professionals or retirees, all Paintball players share a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit. You don't have to be a "Rambo" type to have fun. If you enjoy lots of action and making new friends, come to Operation Paintball for a fantastic day of outdoor adventure. Beginners are always welcome.

At Operation Paintball, the games are played in a park like atmosphere on theme courses ranging from jungles with tree forts to an urban field with automobiles and a two-story house. Players are grouped into teams and try to "mark" each other using air-powered marking guns which shoot gelatin capsules filled with a water-based paint. (It's like a big game of TAG.) You will play games like "Capture The Flag", "Elimination", "Center Flag" and other fun games. Each game lasts 10-15 minutes and you play as many games as you can during your session. All games are coordinated and supervised by our staff of professional and courteous referees. All games are controlled by experienced staff to insure player safety andad fair play. All the amenities, equipment and supplies are on-site for a complete day and package of fun and excitement.

We are here for your enjoyment! First time players ("newbies") and groups are our specialty. We offer special packages for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate stress reduction and team-building exercises. Private game sessions are available. Please ask for details. Group reservations for 10 to 150 players are required to reserve the field for your special event. Call for more information!

Please dress properly. No shorts or sandals. Jeans, sneakers or boots and a long sleeve shirt are recommended. You are going to get dirty!! The paint will wash out of clothes. Also please dress for the weather. We play sun, rain, sleet or snow on our outdoor fields, so be prepared...

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