06/06/2018 | mak parshall(dart_warfare) says:
do you allow duel weelding(shooting with 2 guns at a time) do you have a pro shop what doesit selll(brands) how do you determine a players experience do you sell sodas
01/06/2018 | mak parshall(dart_warfare) says:
im going to operation paintball some time this month
01/06/2018 | mak parshall(dart_warfare) says:
how do you gage if i am just holding the triger or hiting it again and again
20/02/2018 | JennerPalacios says:
@Dart_WarFare, they are allowed, as long as you continuously pull/press the trigger, and not just hold it. Velocity depends on the scenario and people each round, sometimes they allow fast sometimes they make you tune it down depending on the experience of other players or scenario being played
07/02/2018 | mak parshall (dart_warfare) says:
is automatic (full auto)(rapid fire) allowed and what are the rules regarding volocity
23/12/2017 | XRumerTest says:
Hello. And Bye.
23/12/2017 | XRumerTest says:
Hello. And Bye.
13/07/2017 | Mahleeah says:
Do you accept Groupon voucher??
01/04/2015 | Paintball freak says:
Can you bring your own paintballs?
23/03/2015 | PaintBaller says:
When is the next event? You guys seem more active than any other field and websites out there; glad I met you guys!
07/19/2014 | Cameron says:
Walking on today! So excited!
06/25/2014 | blackrain says:
What are the field fees with own gear? Can I bring my own paint? I'm traveling almost two hrs to play and would like to know this info please.
06/15/2014 | FatherMario says:
Nothing special happening today on Father's Day? ... shame!
06/04/2014 | Spencer says:
Can we use previously purchased paint from op to use on dday?
05/31/2014 | DeMarko says:
How do I per register for D–Day?
05/29/2014 | DoomsDayPreprs says:
D–Day is going to be June 7, cant wait!
05/29/2014 | Jenner says:
@Jameson, you can bring your own guns, and they don't have CO2 refills, only HPA [3000–4500].
05/19/2014 | kaleb says:
Does anybody know when the D–Day is for this year?
05/13/2014 | Jameson says:
Can I bring my own paintball guns or do they have to be certified? Also will my certified Co2 tank be refilled??
03/20/2014 | Alan says:
Cant wait for D–Day! This is definitely the best field in the area!
02/14/2014 | Amanda says:
When is the next event?